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      Job Description

      • Lead, mentor, and motivate a team of commercial sales representatives.
      • Set clear performance expectations, sales targets, and provide regular feedback.
      • Develop and implement sales and leasing strategies for commercial properties.
      • Work closely with the team to identify and pursue sales opportunities.
      • Build and maintain strong relationships with commercial property buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.
      • Provide exceptional customer service and ensure client satisfaction.
      • Stay informed about the local commercial real estate market trends and competition.
      • Conduct market analysis to identify opportunities and inform pricing strategies.
      • Lead negotiations for sales and leasing agreements.
      • Ensure favorable terms and conditions for the company and clients.
      • Generate regular reports on sales performance, pipeline, and market trends.
      • Analyze data to make data-driven sales decisions.
      • Work closely with the IPC investment, property management, and construction teams to maximize commercial property performance.
      • Coordinate property improvements and renovations as needed.

      Job Type:

        Full Time

      Location: Pune

      Job Details

      We are seeking a results-driven and experienced Real Estate IPC Commercial Sales Manager to lead and manage the commercial property sales team within our real estate portfolio. The ideal candidate should have a strong understanding of commercial real estate, excellent leadership skills, and a proven track record of achieving sales targets. This role involves overseeing the sales and leasing of commercial properties, as well as collaborating with the investment, property management, and construction teams to optimize commercial property performance.

      Preferred candidate profile/ Qualifications:

      • Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, Business, or a related field. A Master’s degree is a plus.
      • Proven experience in commercial real estate sales and leasing, with a minimum of 5 years of leadership experience.
      • Strong understanding of commercial real estate market dynamics and trends.
      • Excellent negotiation and sales skills.
      • Exceptional leadership and team management skills.
      • Proficiency in CRM software and sales tools.
      • Analytical mindset with the ability to interpret market data and make informed decisions.

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